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C.T.U. Go To Wales!!

From Sunday the guys and girls of C.T.U are off on a road trip to North Wales, The plan is that over the duration of our 2 week trip we will be ticking our way through the endless list of classics that Wales as to offer some of us already have existing projects out there and some of the crew have never visited before so there is a lot of exploring to be done. We will be checking out the mountain bouldering of the Llanberis pass and the Ogwen valley, the coastal bouldering of Porth ysgo and Angel bay as well as the compulsory visit to the cave, and all of the antics from the trip will be captured on film.

The basis of the trip as grown out of an idea to climb the classics and explore the ever developing crags of the area. If you just take one look at the web-site it becomes easy to see the amount of development still going on in North Wales. So a team has been assembled that is going to be taking on the challenge of this 2 week trip. There will be 6 of us for the full duration with a number of others joining us later on in the trip.

The continuation of part one staring Hannah Wilson and her attempt at the Youth British Bouldering Championship title.

Part One of a Two part film documenting young athlete Hannah Wilson’s attempt at the youth British Bouldering Championship title.

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Johnny Dawes & Jerry Moffatt attempting The Meltdown in the mid 80’s


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It’s been a few months since I last wrote a blog but I haven’t felt like much as been happening until recently. In my last blog I wrote about how I had just ticked off Moffattrocity a problem id been trying over the previous two summers. Shortly after that session and with the weather holding I…

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